FFX started in 2008 with a single Archery program for the first generation iPhone. In 2017 we sold off our suite of Archery applications, of which there were three, to one of the partners. We still have several apps in the App Store, along with three enhanced books designed specifically for the iBooks platform. All of these products are listed in the menu on the left. None of these programs are, or ever will be available on Android. The Apple system is closed by definition which makes support very manageable for a small software company like FFX.

In 2016 we added a new program for Magic fans another for Dungeons & Dragons players:
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StatGen5 was written for RPG players looking to use the Pathfinder Point buy model, with increased lower and higher bounds, for more dynamic character creation.

Spell Book (D&D 5e) is the full catalog of spells, and their associated details from casting time, to range, components and duration. It is the perfect reference to have by your side during game play.

While these legacy Archery applications were developed by FFX, as of August 26, 2017 they are no longer offered for sale by FFX. The are now owned by CAIDesign.

Archer's Mark is a state of the art ballistics computer that very accurately calculates scope marks with a resolution up to 1/640th of an inch. Furthermore it utilizes a very clean marks card format familiar to all competitive target archers.

Archer's Score was written by archer's for archers, it is the ultimate scorecard for the serious competitive archer. You can define your own games/cards, track Xs, or pick from several predetermined games.

Archer's Excuses is just that, an excuse generator. All too often we miss the X, so on that long walk between the pin and the target face you can bring up Archer's Excuses, shake it and it will scream out a suitable reason for why you missed.